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14 effective ways to use hairspray, which units know


In the world there are many things that, in addition to the direct appointment, are used for other useful things.

Hairspray is no exception. Besides the fact that it allows you to keep the styling flawless, it can help in everyday life.

In this review, 14 options for the unusual use of the usual styling tools.

1. Ability to fix the zipper

And there is no problem with lightning.

Many suffer from the fact that the zipper on the jeans while wearing constantly unbuttoned. This can be avoided if you sprinkle it with a styling agent.

2. Remove traces from cosmetics

Remove traces of lipstick from clothes.

Foundation, lipstick, blush on clothes - all this is not uncommon for any woman. Hairspray will help to remove these spots instantly. Apply the product to the contaminated area and only then start washing - all stains will move away from the fabric very quickly. By the way, in the same way you can get rid of fresh stains of hair dye on clothes.

3. To create a photo with food

Luck as the main secret of the photographer.

This trick is common among photographers. If a dish or just food is sprayed with hairspray, then under its influence the color of vegetables, fruits and other products becomes much richer, and a delicious glossy sheen is formed on the surface. Of course, no matter how tasty it looked, it’s impossible to eat dishes with styling agent.

4. Comfort for legs

For lovers of studs.

Styling will help to add shine to the novelty of any patent leather shoes. But that's not all. If the feet "go" in summer shoes - spray a small amount of varnish on your feet and this problem will disappear.

5. Insect control

Insect NO!

Absolutely any insect in the house is powerless against hair spray. Therefore, having found a cockroach, a fly, an ant or other similar living creatures in your apartment - sprinkle it with varnish, and it will never disturb you again.

6. Increasing the density of tights

And tights are not torn.

To make tights stronger, before putting on, they need to spray hairspray. This will make the tights stronger and will not allow them to quickly tear. But even if this happens, then the lacquer will also help to stop the "running arrow".

7. Color Fixer

Not just a drawing, but already a masterpiece.

Lacquer allows you to permanently fix the brightness of a picture painted with pastel or charcoal. Moreover, under its influence all colors will become much brighter and you can not be afraid of any fading. This way you can fix the picture not only on the picture, but also on the asphalt.

8. Means for ignition

Hairspray as a means for ignition.

To quickly light a fire without the use of special liquids, before setting fire to the log you need to cover the hairspray. But zealous with this is not necessary, because the tool is explosive.

9. For the freshness of the bouquet

Luck will prolong the life of the bouquet.

In order for the flowers in the bouquet to preserve their beauty for a long time, they need to be covered with hairspray. Styling will fix the petals and not let them fall.

10. Helium balloons

Lingering balls.

To protect the balloons from quickly blowing away and dusting - after inflating, spray them with hairspray.

11. Skin cleanser

If ink has got on the skin.

This stacking tool can effectively clean the stains from ink and felt-tip pen on natural leather. To do this, apply quite a bit of money on the affected area and leave to act for five minutes, and then wipe with a soft, dry cloth. If it was not possible to get rid of the problem from the first time - you need to repeat the manipulations once more, until the problem disappears completely. In order to return the product shine after cleansing, you need to apply a little greasy cream or oil on the surface of the skin and rub it in well.

12. Dressing

If you need to fix the sparkles.

And if you take a varnish with sparkles, then it can be used to decorate a variety of surfaces: fabrics, Christmas tree decorations, Christmas tree branches, paper, etc. Here the matter is limited only by your imagination.

13. Effective means for self-defense.

Varnish instead of a gas canister.

It is useful to carry a small spray with you for your own safety. In the event of an attack, the agent is simply sprayed into the face of the criminal. And the attacker does not suffer much, but he definitely will not care for you.

14. Wool on clothes

And the clothes are always clean.

Wool and small flecks often spoil the garment and spoil the look. If there is no special sticky roller nearby, hairspray and a clean towel can replace it. Spray the product on a towel and wipe the clothes, brushing the adhered nap. In addition, the fabric will be clean, it will acquire the effect of antistatic and nothing will “stick” to it.