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14 cool ways to use foam sponges for other purposes, but for home use.


It would seem trivial sponge for washing dishes in the home arsenal of cleaning products not to find.

However, this thing has great potential.

Today we have collected 14 cool ways to use foam sponges for other purposes.

1. Sprouting seeds

Sprouting seeds in a sponge.

A simple and rather unusual way to germinate seeds, which should be adopted by all summer residents. In a sponge moistened with water, make several cuts, spread the seeds and wait. Warm humid environment will promote their rapid germination.

2. Protect fragile items

Packing fragile things.

Use sponges if you have to move or send a fragile thing, and there is no bubble paper at hand.

3. Needle room

Pin cushion.

A bright scouring sponge can make an excellent needle and pin cushion. This needle bed is the perfect solution for people who do not want to spend time sewing special pads.

4. Mosquito repellent

Mosquito repellent in the country.

The sponge moistened with any mosquito repellent will help to escape from the mosquitoes attacking the summer cottage in the summer. From time to time, wipe the garden furniture with it to scare away the hated insects.

5. Protection of wooden surfaces

Protect wooden surfaces from scratches.

To flower pots, decor items and furniture did not leave marks on a wooden surface, make soft substrates for them. To do this, cut the sponges into small pieces and use glue to attach all dangerous objects to the bases.

6. Moisture control

Control moisture in the refrigerator.

Due to the high humidity in the refrigerator, greens, fruits and vegetables quickly fade and deteriorate. A few dry sponges will help to correct the situation. Spread them on the shelves of the refrigerator so that they absorb excess moisture and extend the life of natural products.

7. Nail polish remover

Device for cleaning nail polish.

From a small jar and foam sponge you can make a wonderful device for quick cleaning of nail polish. Simply spread a few pieces of sponge along the walls of the bubble, pour a little acetone and put your nails into the container one by one.

8. Soap dish

Substrate under the soap.

In the usual soap box accumulates water, which dissolves soap very quickly. To extend the life of the soap bar will help the usual sponge, which can be used instead of soap. It absorbs the remnants of moisture and significantly prolong the life of the soap.

9. Unpleasant smell in the refrigerator

Remedy for unpleasant odors.

Pour some soda on a clean, dry sponge and refrigerate overnight. During this time, the sponge absorbs unpleasant odors.

10. Flavors in the closet

Nice smell in the closet.

Sift in your closet the scent of your favorite perfume, will help small pieces of foam sponge, sprinkled with perfume. Spread them in the corners of the cabinet and your wardrobe will smell sweet for a long time.

11. Finger guards

Pedicure spacers.

Pieces of sponge can be used instead of spacers for a pedicure. Such a trick will ideally make up your toenails.

12. Remove the wallpaper

Quickly remove the wallpaper.

To speed up the process of removing the old wallpaper will help sponge dipped in hot water with the addition of a conditioner for linen. Wipe the old wallpaper with a sponge to soften the dried glue and speed up the process of cleaning the walls.

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13. Reels

Remove the pellets.

Do not rush to throw away the old scrub sponge. With its help you can clean your favorite thing from the pellets. Gently sponge problem areas, removing lumps of wool and rolled up threads.

14. Cool foods

Cool products in the bag.

Ordinary sponges can turn a plastic bag into a cooler bag. To do this, wet sponges need to pack in zip-bags and hold in the freezer overnight.

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