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18 bold examples of the use of illusions in modern interiors


With each new season, interior design is becoming bolder. Classics give way to modern trends, dominated by the play of light and textures.

In this review, we have collected 18 bold examples of the use of various illusions in modern interiors.

1. Hole in the wall

The effect of a hole in the wall.

Snow-white wall, decorated with three-dimensional pattern, resembling a deep hole. But not just a hole in the wall, but a fascinating depression similar to those in the oceans. The transition from pale green to deep blue makes the image fascinating and multifaceted.

2. Magic view

Wall mural with perspective.

A wonderful dining room, one of the walls of which is decorated with exquisite wall murals with perspective. Such a reception allowed residents to get a magnificent view of the embankment and visually increase the area of ​​the room.

3. Fairy door

Unusual design of the toilet.

Those who believe that the toilet is a boring and monotonous space in which there is no room for style, greatly underestimate the possibilities of design. Just look at this tiny bathroom: wallpaper on the wall behind the toilet in the complex with competent lighting makes this place truly magical.

4. Hallway

Bright entrance hall.

Exquisite interior hallway with an unusual design of the entrance door area. The volumetric geometric pattern in red-orange colors makes this space bright and spectacular.

5. Bulk colors

Volumetric painting of the wall.

The wall with a volume pattern of strips of silver, gold and black hue, which makes this room elegant and luxurious.

6. Sunbeam

Figure in the center of the corridor.

A great example of how using a bright geometric pattern can dramatically change the boundaries of the hallway.

7. Psychedelic technique

A single volume print on the floor, wall and ceiling of the hallway.

A creative example of the design of the hallway, the floor, wall and ceiling of which is decorated with three-dimensional geometric print that blurs the real boundaries of space. However, it is worth noting that such a bold decision is suitable only for people with a good vestibular apparatus.

8. Volumetric details

Living room with interior decoration.

Living room with a bright interior trim, which looks amazing. To achieve this effect will help modern panels or high-quality wallpaper.

9. Light beam

A beam of light in a room with an active print.

A ray of light drawn around the lighting fixture on the wall and floor is a great way to refresh a boring interior without spending a fortune.

10. Endless corridor

Endless corridor in the interior of the dining room.

Photowall-paper with the image of an endless corridor will make the interior interesting and mysterious, as well as visually push the boundaries of the room.

11. Graphic drawing

Graphic drawing on the wall.

Volumetric graphic drawing on one of the walls will become the accent center of the room and, like a picture, will transform the space.

12. Visual effects

Hallway design with unusual effects on the walls.

A bold and somewhat eccentric design of the hallway with elements of optical illusions on some sections of the walls that make the interior interesting and dynamic.

13. The play of shades

The original design of the door reception.

The doorway, decorated with an unusual pattern, which is made in several shades of gray. This technique will allow you to visually change the parameters of the standard door and make it a real highlight of the interior.

14. Painting

Picture in the hallway.

The picture painted on the wall and the front door transformed an ordinary wall into a real work of art.

15. Waves

Photowall-paper with optical illusion.

Amazing photo wallpapers with optical illusion, decorating one of the walls of a modern living room, not only increase its area, but also are the accent center of the whole space.

16. Color separation

Unusual painting of the stairs.

The unusual painting of the stairs made it possible to divide the whole into two parts. This technique will draw attention to the so familiar functional details of housing and make it a real interior decoration.

17. Cubism

Wall mural with a picture of cubes.

Photowall-paper with the image of volumetric cubes will attract the eye and become an effective detail of the minimalist interior.

18. Funnel

Photowall-paper with the image of a funnel.

Wall mural depicting a black and white funnel, complemented by intelligent lighting, attract the eye and fascinate.

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