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Inspiration: flower decoration of balconies and porches


In our articles, we focus on the interior design of houses or apartments, but nevertheless, we should not forget about the external decoration. Today we will talk about decorating the entrance area of ​​exteriors, in particular, about the design of porches, terraces and verandahs by means of flowering plants, as well as presenting beautiful examples of landscaping balconies of city apartments.

Outside the window is hot July, and those people who have previously prepared seedlings of beautifully flowering plants can today enjoy the blossoming buds of roses, hydrangeas and other amazing flowers. With their help, you can not only decorate flowerbeds and front gardens, but also decorate the feet of the porch, the perimeter of the terrace or an open balcony.

In order to create a living composition of flowering plants at the entrance to the house, it is necessary to correctly select plants of a certain shape, height and color of the inflorescences. At the same time, there are types of flowers that do not tolerate neighborhoods with others, being self-sufficient and incredibly showy. These include: roses, hydrangeas, peonies, which can fill all pots or flowerbeds around the house, choosing only different varieties and shades of petals.

Floral Fleur: Decoration of Porches


The canopy over the porch of a private house is often decorated with the help of beautiful climbing plants, such as: clematis, lemongrass, climbing rose, wisteria, wild grapes. To do this, set the metal frame, which will help the plant to "crawl" up, gradually turning the support around the cuttings, and creating a thick flowering edging above the entrance doors.

If you prefer lemongrass to all other plants, you can enjoy not only its delicate flowering, but also the bright red fruits that appear later. By the way, these fruits - a storehouse of vitamins that help in the fight against colds.


Increasingly, gardeners decorate arbors, pergolas, roofs of porches and terraces with the help of mischievous flower plants planted in hanging pots. Such plants are called ampelous, in which long curly or creeping shoots with brightly colored flowers. Any ampelous plant will be a wonderful decoration of the entrance area of ​​the exterior of your home, and will help you to effectively complement even the most unsightly.


The area around the entrance door to the house recently, according to the flower fashion, decorators are more often decorated with the help of lush shrub plants such as: Spanish gorse, hydrangea, honeysuckle, jasmine, shrub or hybrid tea.

These plants feel great planted in the ground, or in a deep pot of ceramics.

Today, decorative hydrangea with beautiful lush inflorescences of soft blue with lilac, white, pink or saturated purple color enjoys the special attention and love of gardeners.

Summer charm on the balcony


Revive the view outside the window by planting plants with the brightest flowers on your own balcony, for example, pansies, polyanthus roses, begonia of all colors, ageratum is Mexican, fuchsia.

It is recommended to choose, at the same time, pots and containers of neutral colors from ceramics or wood. But also, very convenient to use special plastic pots with a notch for easy mounting on the balcony railing.


In imitation of the decoration of balconies in the streets of foreign coastal cities, we recommend using ornamental flowering plants in combination with climbing trees (ivy, wild grapes or lemongrass). This reception will help to visually make the balcony more comfortable and even intimate, as thick landscaping will hide you from prying eyes.

This design is especially important in the case when the balcony railing rests on trellis supports or wooden balusters.


Small open balconies with trellis railing are especially interesting to decorate with flowers, and it is better to do this with the help of ampelous plants and polyanthus plants with bright flowers that delight with fragrance for more than one month.

Having fixed containers with soil on the railing, it is possible to plant not only ornamental flowering plants (begonia, geranium, petunia or fragrant mothiola), but also herbs, for example, purple basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme.

Terracotta pots with a laurel tree, lemon, and decorative pepper will not be out of place on the balcony. These plants are not only pleasing to the eye, but may be useful to the hostess while cooking.