Useful ideas

Hidden storage systems in your apartment


In addition to a good and competent organization of space, many, starting to repair their dwelling, are thinking about the hiding places of small, large or even entire secret rooms.

But there are those who have already implemented their bold ideas and are even ready to share the secret of what, where and how best to hide!

1. Outlet Cache

Fake socket.

A fake electrical outlet is a terrific option for storing money and valuables.

2. Bookcase

Bookcase in the column.

A small cabinet for cookbooks, hidden behind a panel of pillars in the dining area.

3. Coffee table

Coffee table with a large drawer.

Behind one of the walls of this coffee table is a capacious sliding cabinet, in which you can put a lot of necessary things.

4. Keyboard Cache

Computer keyboard with a secret compartment.

This seemingly ordinary keyboard has a small hidden compartment for storing discs, stationery and any other trifles.

5. Mirror

Mirror with sliding shelves.

A functional mirror with sliding shelves allows you to place a lot of necessary things and perfectly fit into the interior of a small bathroom.

6. Picture-cabinet

Narrow lockers for pictures.

Narrow lockers, hidden behind the facades of paintings.

7. Coffee table with a secret

Coffee table with a lifting panel.

Large coffee table with a lifting panel on which to place the TV.

8. Chair-Cache

Chair with lift seat.

A simple stool with a small niche located under the seat.

9. Shelf

Wall shelf with a folding bottom.

The wall shelf with a folding bottom will be suitable for storage of the most different things.

10. Wide window sill

Window sill with drawers.

Spacious drawers under the window sill.

11. Bed

Bed with a lifting mechanism.

In a niche under the bed, you can store seasonal clothes, shoes, linens and many other things.

12. Secret box

A drawer disguised as a stack of books.

A small wooden box disguised as a stack of old books.

13. Drawers

Hidden cells.

Small drawers disguised as tiles.

14. Built-in wardrobe

Sliding closet under the stairs.

Narrow drawer closet hidden under the stairs.

15. Retractable step

Cabinet with sliding step.

A locker with a sliding step is ideal for a home where there are small children.

16. Kitchen sofa

Kitchen sofas with drawers.

Kitchen sofas with built-in drawers in which you can store vegetables, canned food or household chemicals.

17. Sink

Retractable sink.

Sink, which if desired can be pushed into the wall.