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22 easy ways to extend the life of your favorite things


A perfect dress or a cozy sweater, a roomy bag or comfortable shoes - everyone has a favorite with whom we would never part if this were possible.

we We offer 22 simple tips on how to extend the life of your favorite things.

  • To keep things fresh during storage in a cupboard, put baking soda there. Black peppercorns will help protect clothes from moths.dried lavender.
  • Do not use thin metal hangers, because from this line of shoulders can "go". It is important to choose the hangers of the correct size, because if they are large, stretched seats will appear on the sleeves of the clothes. Keep knits and knitwear folded, because on a hanger, they can stretch and lose shape.

  • When washing bright things, add a pinch of salt to the drum. Rinsing in coffee solution will help to keep the color black (a cup of drink per liter of water) or in strong tea.
  • In order to make wool products not prickly, use hair balm instead of rinse. If you put things in the freezer for the night before washing (after packing them in cellophane), they do not shed.
  • Hang a nice jar next to the washing machine. She will remind you that before washing you need to check your pockets for the presence of small items and other items that can spoil both the thing and the equipment.

  • To the bottom of the pants does not wrinkle and keep the shape, sew a few coins into the cuffs.
  • Dampen new nylon tights with water, put in a bag and place in the freezer. for 6-8 hours. After this procedure, arrows and puffs do not appear so quickly.
  • To prevent buttons from being torn, apply a clear lacquer to the place of attachment with threads. If zipper on clothes sticks, wipe the teeth off with soap.
  • If a put a fat stain on clothes, immediately sprinkle it with talcum powder, flour or rub with chalk to absorb fat. After that, wash in the usual way.

  • Keep any leather goods you need in the covers. For shoes, use cardboard boxes, and for bags and clothes - textile bags that can be replaced with an old T-shirt, a pillowcase. Do not use cellophane for storage, because it does not allow air to pass through., because of which the skin can deteriorate.
  • Products made of suede should not be kept in the sunlight for a long time, because it burns out pigments, and the thing may become bluish or greenish.

  • Products made of white skin will retain their color longer if they are wiped from time to time with a cocktail of milk and whipped protein.
  • Save color dark skin (brown, cherry, black) can be, if you regularly wipe its surface coffee groundswrapped in soft fabric.
  • To get rid of shallow wrinkles on the skin, soak a cotton pad with body cream and treat the problem area. Light rubbing on the skin can be eliminated by wiping them several times with glycerin or the back of an orange peel.
  • To remove glossy stains from suede, moisten a cotton swab with ammonia and with effort wipe problem areas. After the alcohol has evaporated, go over the surface with a special brush, eraser, or soft bristled toothbrush.

  • Wear a high neck under a leather jacket or wear a scarf, a scarf. This will prevent shiny patches from appearing on the collar. Do not wear light leather goods with dark things. -spotted from faded tissue is hard to get.
  • The skin absorbs aromas well. To avoid unpleasant odors, during storage, put in your pockets or inside things coffee in tablets or capsules, tea bags, activated charcoal. This method will help in the care of everyday, sports and any other shoes.

  • Lacquered belts can not be long held in a collapsed state, because they may appear creases or cracks. Such accessories are better to hang on the crossbar in the closet or hanger.
  • In the boxes for storing shoes and other things of patent leather, make holes to ensure good air circulation. To prevent items in the box from touching, wear nylon pantyhose on them or wrap in canvas (not a newsprint!) paper.

  • To remove stains and stains from the lacquer surface, treat it with ordinary glass cleaner. Onion juice helps to restore shine: just wipe the thing with an onion cut. Disguise minor scratches on the lacquer bag or shoes can varnish the appropriate color.

  • After you have removed the varnished shoes, put bags of rice or salt into it to absorb moisture, which is detrimental to varnish. The lacquer surface is not breathable, and to prevent excessive sweating, use special means, otherwise the shoes may lose their shape.
  • Lacquered shoes for cold weather wear 10 minutes before going outside, so that the skin has time to warm up, as a sharp temperature drop is destructive for it.