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19 ideas how to make a lot of useful things in the house with plastic hooks


The attention of readers almost two dozen truly ingenious recipes, each of which allow to do an incredibly useful thing for the house or car from plastic hooks.

The proposals collected here are worth adopting to every owner, especially if he is not, how to work with your hands for the benefit of your home.

1. Toothbrush Holders

Fixing toothbrushes.

Self-adhesive silicone hooks can be used to fix toothbrushes on the wall or on the bathroom door.

2. Glasses hanger

Organizer for points.

Several self-adhesive hooks attached to the wall will provide you with a reliable and original place to store your sunglasses.

3. Tablet Mount

Wall mount for tablet.

The cheapest plastic self-adhesive hooks can be used to temporarily secure the tablet to a wall or any other vertical surface.

4. Organizer for covers

Organizer for the covers on the door of the cabinet.

Several small plastic hooks glued to the inside of the door of the kitchen cabinet will turn it into a convenient organizer for storing lids from pots and pans.

5. Belt Hanger

Hook for belts.

A few hooks attached to the cabinet door or to its front will provide additional storage space for belts, scarves and bags.

6. Headphone holder

Headphone mount.

A self-adhesive silicone hook attached to any vertical surface is perfect for storing headphones.

7. Stand for phone

Convenient stand for the phone.

From two hooks glued to the wall at the outlet, you get a great stand for a mobile phone.

8. Organizer for shoes

Shoe hanger

Several self-adhesive metal hooks and reiling pipes can be used to create a practical and original wall organizer for storing shoes.

9. Glove Rack

Hanger for gloves on the door of the cabinet.

A single hook, glued to the inside of the door of any household cabinet, will make it much more functional and allow you to conveniently place gloves, tacks or towels there.

10. Shelf holder

Wire shelf on hooks.

Instead of drilling holes and spoiling the doors of the lockers, use self-adhesive silicone hooks for paintings that, no worse than nails, will allow you to fasten a small wire shelf.

11. Hooks for jewelry

Organizer for decorations.

Small self-adhesive hooks are perfect for storing chains, bracelets and rings.

12. Organizer for stationery

The original way of storing stationery.

From the hooks and small containers you get a wonderful wall organizer for storing all sorts of stationery.

13. Fixing foil and paper towels.

Holders for rolls of foil and paper towels.

A pair of self-adhesive plastic hooks will allow in two accounts to fix a roll of paper towels or foil for baking.

14. Ironing board holder

Fixing ironing board.

From massive metal hooks, you get an excellent mount that allows you to securely fix the ironing board on one of the walls.

15. Hangers for irons and hair dryers

Fixing irons and hair dryers.

Self-adhesive plastic hooks can be used to create a convenient place to store irons, curling irons and a hair dryer in one of the bathroom cabinets.

16. Car trash bin

Garbage bag in the car.

Using the cheapest self-adhesive plastic hook, you can easily fix the garbage bag in the car.

17. Protection of the refrigerator door

Lock the refrigerator door.

Use the two cheapest hooks and hair tie to make the refrigerator door inaccessible to children.

18. Fixing trash bag

Fixing the garbage bag.

A small hook, glued to the trash can, will securely fix the bag in it and will not allow it to slide down.

19. Fixing wires and garlands

Fastening wires.

With a few silicone hooks, you can gently fix the wires or garlands on the wall or furniture.

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