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How to equip a small apartment: 10 Moscow examples from 30 to 45 m²


We have long been happy to go to visit real people. We told you about a variety of apartments: about tiny and large, about classical and Scandinavian, about those in which only one person lives, and about intended for large families. Today we decided to put together all the smallest apartments that we met. We want to do this in order to demonstrate how differently people approach the arrangement of their homes. Someone prefers to live in a studio layout and demolishes unnecessary walls, and someone even in a small space erects additional partitions to separate the second room.

All our heroes are united by two things: they were engaged in repairing on their own, without attracting designers, and they truly love their homes and the resulting result. We hope that you will find for yourself a couple of interesting ideas that you can borrow!

Stylish studio of 30 m² on Pioneer

This one-room apartment in the standard five-story building on Pionerskaya was given to the director of the network beauty salon Yulia and the entrepreneur Pavel from her grandmother. The owners decided to do a major overhaul with redevelopment. They demolished the walls, combined the kitchen area with the living room, and carried the bedroom into a niche that was closed with curtains if desired. Storage is mainly concentrated in the closet, which performs the demarcation function between the bedroom and the corridor.

Odnushka 33 m² in loft style at Paveletskaya

In the apartment of the photographer Anastasia there are practically no walls. The only room that is separated from the common space of the studio is the toilet (I remember, I was very happy about this circumstance during the reportage), the bath is adjacent to the kitchen. The cloakroom is hidden behind a brick wall, and the mistress appointed a balcony as a workplace.

35 m² male minimalism in Kommunarka

Odnushka 35 m² in Kiev

The owner of the apartment in the center of the city, Valeria, decided to do the redevelopment before entering the standard odnushku. She reduced the size of the bedroom to a minimum, separated the small dressing room, and combined the remaining space of the kitchen with the living room, thereby creating a place for guests. The refrigerator, contrary to the advice, Valeria made very small and placed it in the lower part of the headset. According to her, she alone is enough for him.

Moscow apartment 36 m² for mother and daughter

Perhaps, this is the smallest dvushka, which we happened to see. Entering the apartment, the guests enter the hallway, from there to the living room, then into the kitchen (the door to the small bathroom comes from it) and from there to the nursery. That is, all rooms are essentially passable.

Redevelopment during the renovation was insignificant: the owners changed all the doorways and slightly increased the area of ​​the bathroom due to the entrance hall. First, in a small room (now a nursery) there was a bedroom, and the living room served exclusively for receiving friends and holding home parties.

For two of us we had enough space. And when my daughter appeared, then the subtleties of planning began. For the first couple of years, Ira lived with us in the same room, and when she grew a little bit, my husband and I gave up a small room to her, retooling her as a nursery, and we ourselves moved into the living room.

By the way, after a year and a half we visited the hostess Olga and her daughters in their new apartment with an area of ​​96 m2 already. The living space is located in the neighboring house and its purchase became possible due to the sale of the two-room apartment, which was discussed, and the summer cottage. For the family, you can only enjoy!

Odnushka 39m² in Marino

The couple, Elena and Dmitry, used to rent this odnushka, but at some point they realized that they wanted to repair it and move it. Redevelopment was not done, but redecoration took two months, during which the owners managed to change the finish and buy new furniture.

The color palette of the apartment was given a bright turquoise wallpaper in the corridor. Helen recalls that as soon as she and her husband saw them in the store, they immediately mentally designed the whole apartment in this color. Naturally, it had to be diluted with something. White was chosen as the primary color because it visually expands the space and creates a feeling of spaciousness. Elena shares that the dust is almost invisible, but it is not worth dropping the crumbs: they immediately catch the eye.

Scandinavian apartment 40 m² in Krasnogorsk

Initially, the apartment was a rectangle without walls with two large windows. Before hostess Yana, the question arose of how to harmoniously organize the space and delimit zones. I really wanted to allocate a separate bedroom with a window for 40 m2, but it would block all the natural light in the kitchen. However, it was decided to sacrifice sunlight in favor of a place where you can retire. As a result, the apartment has a hall with a dressing room, hidden behind mirrored doors, a combined bathroom, a kitchen (5.5 m2), a living room and a dining room (15 m2), and a small bedroom (8 m2).

And the Scandinavian style with its characteristic light finish allowed the space to look more spacious than it really is.

Duplex 42 m² apartment at Avtozavodskaya in the former ZIL building

The unusual two-story apartment has a non-standard layout: two floors, stretched like cars, are located one above one. On the first tier, the hosts (a creative young couple) placed a mini-kitchen with a bar, a living room area and even a hammock under the stairs, on the second - a bedroom, a combined bathroom and a tiny dressing room. Due to the variety of textures in the decoration and bold decisions (which is a bathroom decorated in the style of superheroes), the apartment looks interesting and fun.

One-piece apartment with 43m² in Vidnoe

The landlord in question is a married couple with two children. When they bought odnushku in Vidnoe, they immediately decided that they need to make redevelopment, separating a small bedroom with space for a cot. The room turned out to be small, but cozy.

In our family, everyone loves to sleep in this room. Lack of windows does not bother us. On the contrary, after the flights we are very tired, and we like that we can go to bed in total darkness. The husband even says that he cannot sleep in the living room, since it is very light there.

Despite the lack of windows, the bedroom is quite bright due to artificial lighting and small glass blocks in the wall, which let in a bit of window light.

Modern studio 44 m² in Khimki

A young couple lives in a spacious studio: advertiser Sveta and jeweler Philip. The apartment is on the twenty-first floor in a monolithic house, and the layout of the room was free. She was fully engaged in repairing Sveta: at the time of the alteration of the apartment she became both a designer and a decorator. Despite the fact that the possible location of the walls was planned with bricks, Sveta decided that she would give up the wall separating the kitchen and the living room, as well as give a part of the kitchen space to the storage room. This was the right decision: in a small room there is a washing machine, which did not fit into the bathroom.

All these examples of small apartments prove that a room of absolutely any size can be beautiful, cozy and functional. If there is a desire, enthusiasm, then you will definitely find those ideas that are suitable for your house and help it look spacious and stylish, regardless of the number of meters.

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