Useful ideas

Spectacular ideas on how to make the interior more beautiful and more comfortable with the help of wallpaper residues.


Practically in every house there are stored remnants of wallpaper, which, as a rule, are purchased with a reserve before repair. But to use them for its intended purpose is not necessary, and the wallpaper for years gathering dust in the pantry or under the bed.

But, having connected a little imagination, with the help of old wallpapers it will turn out to make the interior more beautiful and cozier. We share a selection of simple but effective ideas.

1. Instead of painting

What to make from old wallpaper? Pictures on the wall.

If the acquisition of these beautiful paintings can not afford, then they will be replaced by a panel of the remnants of the wallpaper. Just put the segments of the desired size instead of a photo or poster in a frame with glass.

2. New life of old boxes

Decor from old wallpapers: nice storage systems.

Storage systems are never superfluous in the interior. But ordinary boxes are unlikely to change the interior for the better. To make them not only a functional item, but also home decoration, use the remnants of wallpaper. Cover them with boxes.

3. Beautiful applications

The decor of the remnants of wallpaper in the children's room.

A single-colored wall in any room, be it a nursery or a living room, looks boring. You can decorate it using appliqué, cut from the remnants of colored wallpaper. The desired image can be found on the Internet and increased to scale, scattering wallpaper cage.

4. Transforming the glass table

Table decoration remnants of wallpaper.

A standard glass table fits into almost any interior, but does not make it more beautiful. Change the situation will turn out with the help of wallpaper residue glued to the bottom of the table. The table will remain the same practical, but its design will change dramatically.

Partial wallpapering of the wall.

White walls at the bottom get dirty pretty quickly. Constantly repainting them can be quite problematic. The way out of the situation can be a partial pasting of the wall with remnants of washable wallpaper.

6. Bright background for small things in the sideboard

Update the old cabinet.

Monochrome furniture, inherited from her grandmother, looks pretty sad. It will be revived with the help of remnants of wallpaper, which is glued to the outer part of the back wall.

7. Wallpaper on the ceiling ...

Finishing the ceiling wallpaper.

All the usual option - the walls pasted wallpaper. But this finishing material can also be used to decorate the ceiling. Properly selected pattern will not contribute to the visual reduction of the height of the ceilings.

8. Paper headboard

Headboard for bed from the remnants of wallpaper.

Bedside headboard can dramatically transform the interior of the bedroom. The simplest, but no less spectacular option is to stick a wall strip of wallpaper with a width to the bed or a bit more.

9. Patchwork style

Motley wall finish with bright remnants of wallpaper.

If there are several types of wallpaper in the stocks, then you can use them all for wall decor. It is enough to recall the patchwork technique, only instead of fabric flaps - pieces of wallpaper of different sizes.

10. Decorative panels

Panel of wallpaper on the wall.

Large pieces of wallpaper surrounded by plaster or polyurethane moldings - a spectacular wall decor, which will make the interior refined.

11. Decoration for the stairs

The staircase decor.

The vertical parts of the steps are often overlooked. But, pasted over with bright wallpaper, it can become a highlight of the situation. In order for this decor to last a long time, we recommend covering the paper with several layers of clear varnish.

12. Bright boxes

Decor of furniture drawers remnants of wallpaper.

Guests will not see such decor on the inside of the drawers. But this does not negate the fact that the furniture decorated in this way will understand the mood of the owners of the dwelling.

13. A fresh look at the annoying furniture.

Transformation of furniture.

Just to paint old furniture in one color is the most obvious solution if you want to give a new life to annoying interior items. But the result is unlikely to be impressive. It should be used for the decoration of furniture remnants of wallpaper - and its appearance will be truly original.

14. Wallpaper time

Decorative clock, decorated with remnants of wallpaper.

Twelve small boxes that can be made independently are used instead of pointers on the dial. At the bottom of the boxes are glued wallpaper trim. Take the clockwork from the old watch or buy in the store goods for needlework.

15. Color duet

Combining several types of wallpaper in the interior.

A separate piece of furniture, such as a chest of drawers or a console table, turns into a real work of art, if you paste over the wall behind them with contrasting wallpapers.