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15 incredible houses for cats and dogs that make you smile


Most animals prefer to sleep in the master bed or in a regular box.

But this does not stop the flight of imagination of designers, who from year to year come up with crazy furniture for pets.

We present a fresh selection of houses for dogs and cats, which, if not useful, then fun - for sure.

1. The warmest place

The bed near the battery.

The desire of cats to settle in the warmest place in the house is surprising. Especially if it happens in the warm season. But in winter such a bed for a cat will definitely come in handy.

2. Maxi basket

Wicker house for cats.

What could be more comfortable for a cat than a basket made of natural material? The pet will definitely appreciate this maxi version with two tiers.

3. Great dog in hot dog

Soft bench in the form of a hot dog.

The ironic bed makes you think about the origin of the name of the hot dog, which means "hot dog". In such a house a pet will surely be warm.

4. Cozy mattress for a cat

Compact bed with mattress.

Soft mattress in combination with natural wood will not leave the cat indifferent. Also, the pet will enjoy the opportunity to observe what is happening with a small elevation.

5. Canine chest of drawers

Special furniture with a place for a dog.

Such a chest of drawers, where a special place for a dog is provided, looks more than original. Multifunctional furniture will help rational use of space in the house.

6. Luxurious bed made of wool and silk

Knitted bed for the dog.

For the most privileged dogs, this bed made of wool and silk is intended. Such a place for a pet is able to decorate any interior.

7. Hammock for two

Cat's hammock.

A bed for animals in the shape of a hammock allows them to feel protected, but leaves the opportunity to freely observe what is happening around. This hammock is suitable for several pets.

8. Decent environment for a pet

House made of wood.

A small wooden house for a small dog or cat looks luxurious. This accessory will harmoniously fit into the interior, without attracting too much attention to itself.

9. Both for owners and for pets

Sofa with an equipped place for animals.

This sofa is the perfect place to spend home evenings in the family circle. After all, it will fit not only the owners, but also all the animals.

10. Cute mini trailer

Mobile house for animals.

If a dog has a big house that it shares with its owners, then why don't it also acquire its own trailer? It looks almost like a real one and can even move, albeit with help.

11. Almost real bed

Spacious bed for dogs.

Such a bed for a dog looks very comfortable. It remains to hope that for the animal it will be more attractive than the host.

12. Multifunctional shelter.

A house that can be a toilet.

A bedside table with a door can easily accommodate a cat. How to use such furniture - in the role of a house or a toilet - is up to the owners.

13. New life of an old suitcase

Bed from the suitcase.

It is enough to fasten the legs to the suitcase and put the mattress inside - and an unusual pet bed is ready.

14. Fish that doesn’t like cats

Funny bed for cats.

Enough to get a house for a cat in the form of a shark - and the pet is guaranteed to become the center of attention of all guests.

15. If the dog wants to go to the beach

Small hammock for small pets.

The bed for the dog resembles a beach hammock. Pet, stretched out on a hammock, looks very cute.