Useful ideas

A fairy tale in the apartment: 15 new ideas of the original design of a small loggia


Making a small loggia can refuse not as easy as it seems at first glance.

In fact, this is a very serious event, which should be approached with all responsibility.

Otherwise, the room risks being irretrievably damaged.

1. Great idea

Great idea for the interior decoration of the balcony.

2. Cozy loggia

Spacious chair in the interior of the loggia.

3. Comfortable atmosphere

Arrangement of a place to relax on the balcony.

4. Romantic setting

The original design of a small loggia.

5. Great place to stay.

The interior of the loggia with a non-standard combination of colors.

6. Classic interior

Classic interior loggia in bright colors.

7. Bright design

Loggia design in light green color.

8. Perfect setting

Stylish balcony design in the apartment.

9. Minibar

Design of a small balcony with a bar.

10. Brick finish

Balcony decoration with red brick.

11. Bright interior loggia

Nice colors.

12. Artificial stone trim

Finishing loggia artificial stone.

13. Modern design

Custom design small balcony.

14. Small office

Cozy home office on the balcony.

15. Romance and comfort

Cozy and romantic interior of a small balcony.