Useful ideas

15 ideas for a loggia that will make it the most comfortable room in the house


For some reason, proper arrangement of the loggia is often not given due attention.

As a result, this room becomes a storage place for unnecessary things. Although, by connecting quite a bit of fantasy, you can make a loggia a truly cozy place. We share design ideas that will help make the loggia a functional and aesthetic space.

1. Table on the windowsill

The bar counter can serve as a table.

On a small loggia it is necessary to use each centimeter of space rationally. Therefore, the table on the windowsill will be a great solution.

2. Mini lounge with fireplace

An electric fireplace is also suitable for installation in an apartment building.

An electric fireplace can be installed on an ordinary balcony. It weighs a little and does not form smoke.

3. Functional relax zone

Practical seating area

The storage system under the sofa will make the loggia a functional space. Do not forget to supplement the situation with a compact table.

4. For reading lovers

A comfortable setting in shades of brown contributes to relaxation.

Excellent lighting and isolation from the rest of the rooms, typical of the loggias, will surely be appreciated by book lovers. Therefore, the idea to equip a miniature reading area here will be greeted with delight.

5. Sleep with scenic views

Bedroom on the loggia.

If you decide to build a bedroom on the loggia, then you need to take care of its careful insulation. Do not put four or five-chamber plastic windows.

6. For friendly gatherings

Such a design of a small loggia allows using its entire area completely.

In order to equip the area on the loggia to communicate with friends, it will take very little. Make a floor on the floor, for example, from wooden pallets, cover it with a mattress and blankets. We also recommend to provide wide window sills, which will replace the table.

7. Exquisite mini boudoir

Toilet for ladies.

A small dresser with a mirror, an exquisite chair - and a favorite place for the fair sex is ready. Due to the good light here it will be convenient to apply makeup and carry out cosmetic procedures.

8. Swings for adults

From the garden - to the balcony.

Suspended chair - a great solution for a balcony, which allows you to save space without compromising comfort. After all, what could be more comfortable than enjoying the views, swinging in a comfortable chair?

9. For the smallest

Play area on the loggia.

Fully immerse yourself in the world of children's fantasies in a child succeed, if he hides from the whole world. Such a secluded place for games can be insulated loggia.

10. Breakfasts in a close company

Bright design of a small loggia.

A full dining room on a small loggia will not work. But here a place for breakfast here will work out.

11. Green zone

Miniature winter garden.

The miniature winter garden is a classic solution for the design of a small loggia, which does not lose its relevance. Even low trees can grow here.

12. Natural serenity

Cork trim.

Cork trim is an unusual solution for a loggia design. In combination with white color such decoration creates an atmosphere of calm and serenity.

13. Cozy hammock

Hammock in the design of the loggia.

Hanging hammock on the loggia effectively diversifies its design. Also the placement of this interior element will save space.

14. The Stone Kingdom

The floor on the loggia, strewn with stones.

River or sea pebbles on the loggia floor is a great idea that will help you to feel as close to nature as possible. To enhance the effect, place some plants in pots here.

15. Country style

Loggia in a rustic style.

Light pastel colors are a suitable solution for small spaces. A country-style is also one of the most comfortable.