Useful ideas

18 magnificent and practical things from a natural tree which will fill the house with heat and a cosiness


Wood is one of the most sought-after and attractive materials when it comes to creating a variety of things for the home.

It is the tree that is able to bring some kind of incomprehensible but pleasant warmth, comfort and tranquility to any dwelling.

1. Armchairs

Chairs from stumps.

Unique, charming and very comfortable armchairs made from stumps will fit perfectly, both in the interior of the urban living room and in the design of the summer patio or veranda of a country house.

2. Cabinet

Stylish wooden dresser.

Practical and modern nightstand made of wooden pallet, perfectly fit into the interior of a bedroom or living room, decorated in the style of modern, rustic or country.

3. Bed

Double bed made of wood.

A double bed with a wooden frame and a headboard will be a comfortable place to relax and a stylish completion of the bedroom, regardless of the style of its design.

4. Organizer

The original organizer on the wall.

The original wall planner made of wooden boards will become an original decoration of an empty wall and is suitable for convenient storage of mail, keys, telephones, office, brushes and any other trifles.

5. Mirror frame

Mirror in a rough wooden frame.

Floor mirror in a massive frame made of coarse wood will be a stylish addition to the modern interior and a real highlight of any space.

6. Tablet for notes

Wooden tablet for notes.

A creative wooden board with a roll of note paper will surely appeal to people who often write notes or reminders for homeworkers.

7. Shelves

Original shelves in the form of mountains.

Charming wooden shelves that look like mountain peaks will become not only a convenient place to store books and accessories, but also a stylish wall decoration.

8. Dining table

Dining table in the form of a sheet.

A magnificent dining table in the form of a leaf, made of wood and decorated with magical lighting will be a real boon for the kitchen or dining room.

9. Coffee table

Coffee table in rustic style.

A wonderful coffee table, made of coarse wooden beams, will perfectly fit into the interior of the living room, decorated in rustic or country style.

10. Stand for pots

Wooden racks for pots.

Original stand for flower pots, made of light wood, which will emphasize and complement the beauty of plants.

11. Stands

Hexagonal coasters.

Original hexagonal light wood coasters that can be used both on horizontal surfaces and for wall decoration.

12. Bicycle mount

Bicycle mount on the wall.

Wooden mount that allows you to securely fix the bike on the wall and make it a real highlight of the interior.

13. Shelving

Wooden shelving.

The original and roomy rack, made of several wooden boxes will be a stylish and functional addition to the room of a teenager or child.

14. Candlestick

Candlesticks from wooden cuts.

Small wooden cuts can be turned into stylish candlesticks that will become charming elements of home decor.

15. Amplifier

Wooden amplifier.

Incredibly stylish wooden sound amplifier for a phone that works without batteries and electricity will surely appeal to all lovers of creative gizmos.

16. Desktop organizer

Wooden organizer for your phone.

Compact stylish and convenient organizer with a shelf for a mobile phone and two hooks on which you can hang watches, glasses and jewelry.

17. Bookshelf

Shelf in the form of a house.

Charming bookshelf in the form of a house made of light wood, perfectly fit into the interior of the nursery.

18. Organizer in the hallway

Wall organizer in the hallway.

A magnificent wooden organizer with two shelves for small items, hooks for bags and keys, a notebook and a cork board for notes will become an indispensable attribute of any hallway.