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And it's free! 10 times when silica gel comes in handy


What will you do when you find a bag of silica gel in a box with a new shoe? Surely throw out and in vain! This adsorbent is useful in the most unforeseen situations: it will save wet phone and return shine to jewels.

Silica gel is a universal silicon-based adsorbent. It has a highly porous surface that retains moisture like a sponge or loose sand. Use free sachets of gel granules to save the most important and valuable things from moisture and damage.

1. Glitter jewels

Jewelry, especially silver, quickly lose their luster and are covered with bloom. You no longer need to spend time cleaning: just put a bag of silica gel in a jewelry box, and your jewelry will always be like new.

2. Saving gadgets

Who does not happen: phone, tablet or another gadget fell into the water? All is not lost. Remove the battery, dry the device from the outside and place it in a sealed bag with several packs of silica gel. A powerful adsorbent will draw out the remaining moisture for several hours.

3. Against mold

When you remove clothes for long storage, do not forget to put several packages of adsorbent in a box or vacuum bag. Such a trick will protect things from musty smell and mildew.

4. A sharp razor

You should not keep the razor on the side of the bath: the blade will quickly rust and become blunt. Keep the shaver in a container next to the adsorbent to extend the life of the blades.

5. Document protection

Many documents are stored for years and even decades. To protect important papers from wear, damage and mold, remove the documents in a sealed case with silica gel bags.

6. Care of clothes

Adsorbent will save expensive things from genuine leather: keep a few bags in your jacket pockets and inside shoes. Silica gel not only absorbs excess moisture, but also neutralizes unpleasant odor.

7. Electronics storage

Do you have an expensive photo and video equipment, but you rarely use it? Storage should be reliable: keep cameras and lenses in a special case that protects them from dust, and add a few packs of silica gel against moisture and mold.

8. Family photo archive

To preserve vivid memories for a long time, store the printed photos with silica gel. The adsorbent will not let the pictures dim and stick together.

9. Against unpleasant smell

Going to the gym, do not forget to throw in a gym bag a few bags of silica gel against the smell of sweat and excess moisture. When you get home, put the absorbent in your sneakers to get rid of the unpleasant smell.

10. Keeping books

Do you have a large library? Lay out the sachets of silica gel on the shelves to keep the pages of your favorite books from mildew, yellowness and deformation.