Useful ideas

17 simple tricks that will be useful to all those who are going on a journey


Traveling is a difficult, responsible and even dangerous occupation. That is why, going anywhere, you need to properly prepare. The new review has collected tips that will help both beginners and seasoned lovers of long-distance and not so trips.

1. Freshness of things

Wet napkin in the suitcase.

To keep your clothes fresh during a long trip, cover the bottom of the suitcase with wet wipes.

2. Headphones and wires

Case from points for storage of trifles.

To headphones, charging and adapters are not scattered around the bag and do not mess up on the way, put them in a case of glasses.

3. Wire Protection

Protection of wires from creases.

Use a ballpoint spring to protect the wires from twisting and creases.

4. Razor

Office binder instead of a cap.

To prevent the razor from spoiling things and not getting dirty, use office binder, which perfectly copes with the function of the cap.

5. Packing a suitcase

Things in a suitcase.

Collecting a suitcase, it is better not to fold things, but twist them into rolls. This method will significantly save space in the travel bag and not mash your clothes.

6. Hairpins and jewelry

The container for trifles.

Small hairpins and jewelry can be transported in a container for drugs.

7. Basket for food

Road basket for food.

Going on a trip by car, take a snack. Put a small plastic basket with food and drink between the driver’s and passenger’s seats so you can easily eat on the road.

8. Documents

Copies of documents.

Before traveling, scan all important documents: passport, identification code, tickets and driver's licenses so that in case of loss you always have copies of your identity.

9. Transportation of shoes

Packing for shoes.

Instead of the usual package, you can fold the shoes in a shower cap.

10. Belt and shirt

Belt in shirt collar.

To the shirt collar is not rumpled, if you put a twisted belt in the middle.

11. Cosmetics

Transportation of liquid cosmetics.

To avoid leakage of bottles in the suitcase, wrap the necks of the bottles with cling film and twist the caps well.

12. Special stickers

Sticker on fragile luggage.

Ask at the airport to put a special label on fragile luggage on your suitcase, even if there is no one. For luggage with such signs, loaders turn much neater.

13. Two in one

Socks and shoes.

Socks and tights can be put in shoes. Thus, you can save space in your suitcase and do not mash your shoes on the go.

14. Extension cable

Necessary thing at the airport.

Take your extension cable wherever you go. Such a thing is useful in the hotel and in the country, and, especially, at the airport.

15. Packages

Cellophane and vacuum bags for clothing.

Make it a rule to put all things in cellophane or vacuum bags so that nothing spills on the way to clothes. Also, make sure that all things are packed tightly and do not dangle on the way.

16. Contents of a suitcase

Content inventory.

Before the trip, take a picture or make a detailed inventory of the contents of the suitcase. In case of loss of luggage or the loss of some things, you can present a list or photo as evidence.

17. Identification marks

Stickers and identification tags on the suitcase.

Decorate the suitcase with stickers and hang a sign with your data to make it easier to find your luggage.