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16 inspirational examples of the use of mosaics in the interior and landscape design


Mosaic can be a very interesting element of decor. With all its relative popularity, the mosaic can be one of the most stylish and creative solutions in any room.

1. The rebellious plot

Wall bathroom, decorated with mosaics.

The stylish interior of the bathroom, one of the walls of which is decorated with a colorful mosaic etude. It is worth noting that the mirror on the mosaic wall create a stunning illusion of volume.

2. Mosaic baby

Mirror with mosaic edging.

A small mirror decorated with multicolored bead chips will help to dilute even the most boring interior.

3. Ceramics

Mosaic of fragments of old dishes.

The charming combination of mosaic from old ceramic tableware and special tiles looks very stylish and unusual.

4. Mosaic frieze

Neat mosaic frieze from a mirror tile.

A neat pixel plot, laid out of miniature mirror plates, will be a spectacular decoration of a modern living room.

5. Mosaic decor

A table decorated with mosaics.

A magnificent wrought-iron table, the tabletop of which is decorated with a bright mosaic plot. Such an extremely stylish art object can be done by hand, after having developed a sketch on self-adhesive paper.

6. Seashore

The combination of brilliant and stone mosaic.

An amazing combination of shiny mirror mosaic on the wall and masonry of flat pebbles on the bathroom floor will remind you of the sea shores all year round.

7. Mosaic panel

Amazing mural decorated with mother of pearl mosaic.

The panel, decorated with a large mother-of-pearl mosaic, looks simply stunning and will be a worthy decoration of any room.

8. Mirror mosaic

The wall, lined with glass mosaic.

Glass mosaic on the kitchen wall will make the room truly elegant and luxurious.

9. Stone mosaic

Mosaic garden path.

The garden path, decorated with stone mosaic, will add style and luxury to the countryside.

10. Assorted

Colonna, decorated with variegated mosaic.

The column, decorated with pieces of marble, copper and neon mosaic, looks very stylish and unusual.

11. Mosaic picture

Mosaic picture in the kitchen.

A small mosaic still life, made on the kitchen wall, will allow to decorate and refresh the interior.

12. Art mosaic

Art mosaic in the interior of the bathroom.

A full picture, laid out of carefully selected miniature tiles, which will emphasize the sophistication and originality of the interior.

13. Stylish decoration

Flower tubs, decorated with mosaics.

With the help of colored ceramic mosaic you can significantly transform flower pots and tubs.

14. Non-standard solution

The shell is decorated with mosaics.

One can hardly surprise anyone with mosaics on the walls and furniture, but shells decorated with neat mosaics look very creative and noble.

15. Facade decoration

Mosaic decorating the facade of the house.

Colored ceramic mosaic is an excellent material for decorating the facade of a country house. From assorted ceramic pieces, you can add whole pictures or make bright frames for windows.

16. Mosaic finish

Living room with mosaic walls.

Walls tiled or tiled can most often be found in the kitchen and bathroom as such materials are considered cold. However, the mosaic decoration of the walls in the interior of the living room looks spectacular and stylish, and the abundance of upholstered furniture and carpets make the interior cozy and warm.