Useful ideas

27 ideas for redesigning glass insulators that will decorate the interior


Decor items can be created from a variety of unnecessary items found at home. Electric glass insulators can be a prime example of such a redevelopment. With their help, you can create many useful items that will not only decorate the house, but also make it even more comfortable.

1. Insulator - glass candlestick

The glass candlestick is made from an old electrical insulator, a simple and creative solution.

2. Perfect outdoor flashlight

A small flashlight, which is created by hand, perfectly decorate any atmosphere in the open air.

3. Fine candle holders

Beautiful candlesticks, which will decorate any table in the house, are made of glass insulators.

4. Retro candle

The perfect combination of wood and glass insulator, which created a great retro candle.

5. Interesting candlesticks

Attractive candlesticks are one of the best design options for convenient household items made of glass insulators.

6. Two in one

A non-standard combination of horseshoes and electric glass insulators made it possible to create cute decorative elements.

7. A special type of chandelier

An interesting candelabrum can be created with the help of one's own hands from unnecessary glass electrical insulators.

8. Glass candle holder

Exquisite glass candle holder from an electric insulator, which is created with a retro style.

9. Wall light

An interesting and custom wall lamp in industrial style will decorate any room.

10. Retro chic

Beautiful retro style chandelier made of glass insulators, looks very cute and incredible.

11. Non-standard lamp

Difficult custom lamp is made by hand with their old pipes and electric glass insulator.

12. Table lamp from an insulator

A wooden base and a glass electrical insulator form a desk lamp.

13. Magnificent modern lamps

Beautiful modern fixtures are made using old electrical insulators.

14. Pendant lamp

Bright and incredible pendant lamp that will decorate any interior in an industrial style.

15. Repurposing an old lamp

Interesting conversion of the old lamp, which will fill the magic atmosphere of any interior.

16. Interesting design of the dinner table.

A unique dining table with interesting bulbs centered on glass insulators.

17. Industrial style lamp

Non-standard lamp in the industrial style, complement the overall interior of the room.

18. Unusual lamp

The unusual combination of mechanisms with electric glass insulators, has created an excellent table lamp.

19. Nice little vase

A nice and cute option to create a small vase from a glass insulator.

20. Hanging vase for flowers

An interesting design of a hanging vase for flowers from a glass insulator will decorate the atmosphere around the house.

21. Glass Insulator - Flower Pot

A small, wonderful decision to create a pretty flower pot from an electric glass insulator.

22. Glass chandelier insulators

Beautiful glass chandelier is made of insulators - something that will please the eye with a non-standard atmosphere.

23. Vintage Insulator - Potty

Beautiful vintage insulator specifically for planting small plants, nice and beautiful solution.

24. Photograph stand

A cute photo stand from an old electric isolator is a creative solution.

25. Shakers for salt and pepper

An interesting option to create a shaker for salt and pepper from glass insulators.

26. Herringbone insulators

Beautiful holiday decoration with the creation of a Christmas tree from electrical insulators.

27. Cute Book Holders

Lovely bookends are truly practical and cute.