Useful ideas

Simple, but useful tips that will help when moving to save not only property, but also nerves


They started moving, but do not know where to start, so as not to forget anything and not break it?

Set aside the fuss. Everything is simple and clear.

We take note of several simple but effective life hacking, with which any move will be easier than ever, and your things will remain safe and sound.

1. Small and fragile

We pack dishes in soft items.

Dishes and other small items require special attention. Therefore, it is better to transport them in tight boxes, pre-folded between the towels, but the little thing should be packed in vases or jars. This will help not to lose them on the road and save space without taking an extra box.

We put fragile things in the box.

2. We fold accessories

Just do not forget to sign the boxes with larger parts.

Decided to transport the furniture in disassembled form? Then be sure to fold the accessories in the bag with the clasp, having previously signed each of them. Do not forget to specify the number of bolts, fasteners and other small items, so that after it was easier to assemble and distribute everything you need.

Sign accessories.

3. We transport cosmetics

Cotton pads prevent the shattering and rash of shadows, powder from the box.

It is also worth remembering that cosmetics are no less fragile items that should be transported carefully and carefully. It can be folded in a small compact bag that can be held. But if it so happened that it is necessary to transport the shadows, lipsticks, creams and other women's things in a separate box, then it is best to pack each bottle, tube and palette in soft material, or to shift the shadows, powder and other loose items with wadded disks so as shown in the photo.

The second is not less convenient way of transportation.

4. We transport books

Such a luggage can easily carry even a child.

For those who are old-fashioned dreaming boxes for transporting books, it is better to forget about them, and use a suitcase or a sports bag. This method is much more convenient and easier.

Instead of storing the books in the box, it is better to put them in a suitcase.

5. Shoes

Such boxes can be asked in any store where they sell alcohol.

In order not to lose shoes, slippers, boots and children's shoes, pack it in a wine bottle. This will facilitate transportation and help save space, and also, all couples will be in place and nothing will be lost.

Practical, compact and reliable.