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"Five" simple but effective tips on how to clean the washing machine with the help of available tools


Unpleasant smell, mold, fungus, scum on heating elements, poor drainage - this is only a small part of what owners of washing machines face. In order to avoid all this, it is recommended that at least once a couple of months it should be cleaned using special means.

But if suddenly for some reason they were not at hand - it does not matter, a few simple but effective ways to help get rid of minor troubles with the means that almost every family has.

1. Cleaning the drum and heating elements of the washing machine from scale

A simple but very effective way to clean a washing machine.

Method 1. How to clean the washing machine with vinegar and soda

You will need:

• 2 glasses of ordinary table vinegar 9%;
• 1/4 cup baking soda;
• 1/4 cup water;
• Sponge with hard side.

Cleaning the washing machine with vinegar and soda from scale, rust and mold from the drum and heating elements.

What should be done:

• Mix soda and water in a small bowl;
• Add soda mixture to detergent tray;
• Pour the vinegar into the drum;
• Start the machine at idle at maximum temperature and for the longest time.

Method 2. How to clean the washing machine with citric acid

Cleaning the washing machine with citric acid.

You will need:

• 1-6 packs of citric acid;
• How much it is to pour it depends on the volume of the washing machine and the degree of contamination.

Easy peasy.

What should be done:

• Add citric acid powder to the detergent compartment;
• Start the machine in maximum temperature and run time mode.

2. Clean cuff (sealing gum)

Choose a suitable detergent to eliminate dirt and odor.

You will need to choose from:

• Domestos;
• "Duckling";
• "Komet";
• "White";
• Or any other means.

Be careful not to pull the rubber too much.

What should be done:

• Apply a little selected product to a damp cloth or sponge;
• Gently pull the rubber towards you and wipe the metal part of the body;
• Do not forget to clean the rubber cuff itself in the same way;
• It is worth cleaning the entire circumference of the hatch;
• Wipe the entire cuff clean with a damp cloth.

3. Clean the tray (container / tray / dispenser)

Clean the powder tray.

You will need:

• A mixture of vinegar and soda;
• Pemolux and other household chemicals;
• A mixture of hot water, vinegar and soda.

Everything is very simple, easy and effective.

What should be done:

• Pull out the tray until it stops;
• Remove the tongue (if there is a blue / blue part);
• Cover the container with the chosen agent and leave / soak it for a couple of hours;
• After rinse thoroughly with plain water.

4. Cleaning the washing machine filter (drain pump)

The main thing is not to hurry.

You will need:
• Suitable height;
• Towel or cloth;
• A flat head screwdriver or any hard flat tool (if necessary).

The filter of the washing machine must be cleaned and rinsed.

What should be done:
• Access the filter, which is usually located at the bottom of the housing;
• Place a towel on the floor and place a container for collecting water under the sink;
• Unscrew the cover counterclockwise and remove all accumulated debris and dirt from the hole;
• Wipe the hole, close it, and replace the decorative panel.

5. Clean the case and door

We give the external part of the machine in the proper form.

What should be done:

• Wipe the control panel (especially protruding buttons);
• Wash the door inside and outside;
• Wipe the top and side panels.