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Storage in the toilet: examples of stylish organization of space


The toilet is the smallest room in the apartment, so you need to squeeze the maximum out of it, focus on functionality and practicality.

There are many ideas that will help to organize the space in the best way!

We have collected illustrative examples and made good advice.

We look.

Open shelves

Stylish storage in the toilet.

Open shelves can transform and complement any interior. They are especially relevant in tight spaces. Such storage systems do not clutter up the space, give a feeling of lightness, and are able to visually change the interior for the better. For example, in a cramped room they should be installed on a narrow wall, thus it will be possible to visually pull it out, thereby expanding the space.

Self-made storage system in the toilet.

Neat open shelves in the toilet.

Open shelves in the toilet.

Storage in the toilet on the open shelves.

Storage in a small toilet.

Stylish design of a small toilet.

Corner Shelves

Ideal storage systems for small toilets.

If the area of ​​the toilet is very limited, then wide open shelves will be simply out of place in it. Here you should think about how to take advantage of unsightly angles. It is well placed several rows of open shelves custom size - already normal. It is convenient to store toilet paper, cotton pads in glass jars, detergents and cleaning products on them.

Special racks

Integrated storage system for the toilet.

So that the owners of small apartments do not feel discomfort and do not puzzle how to organize storage in the toilet, modern furniture brands have developed many convenient multi-functional storage systems. Today you can find many original sets for the toilet in a variety of styles. For example, an elegant metal shelving is suitable for a classic-style toilet, a laconic white set can easily flow into Scandinavian furnishings, and stylized wooden models will be appropriate in a rustic style.

Stylish model closet.

What you need for a small toilet.

Accurate storage in the toilet.

Wall cabinet

Wall cabinet in the toilet.

Most often in the interiors of small toilets can be found hanging boxes. This is due to several factors. First of all, the doors close at the locker, which allows you to hide all hygiene items and avoiding unnecessary looks. On the other hand, such a storage system looks neat and aesthetic. There is enough space in the locker to accommodate everything you need. True, it is appropriate not in every space, but only where area allows. For too small rooms, this option, unfortunately, does not fit.

A great option for a small toilet.

Rails with metal baskets

Rails in the toilet.

Many are confident that metal rails are suitable only for use in the kitchen. In fact, they will be useful even in a small bathroom. On it, you can install several metal baskets in the same style. Fold in them toilet paper, napkins, cosmetics. Very comfortable, practical and pleasing to the eye.

The accurate organization of storage in the toilet.

Unusual shelves

Shelves for storage in the toilet.

The area of ​​the room is not a hindrance for experiments with design. Even the interior of a small room can be advantageously diluted with unusual objects. Install not just open shelves, but unusual furniture, for example, in the form of honeycombs.

Shelves in the form of honeycombs in the toilet.

Once a step, two step

By the way, it is not necessary to buy special furniture for the toilet in the store, you can use the available materials. For example, put a ladder behind the toilet or ladder, which is rarely used (only during repairs or when changing light bulbs). Baskets with towels, paper and other accessories will fit on the stepladder, and the ladder can be used as a towel warmer.

Stepladder as a storage system.

Embedded Storage

The layout of some toilets allows you to install embedded storage systems. This method works well where there are niches and allows you to use them practically and wisely, turning the disadvantages of space into advantages.

Built-in storage in a small toilet.