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Simple ideas on how to decorate a wall: photo frames as an additional element of modern design


Photo frames on the wall - this is a good bar interior design. Looking through the pictures, a person remembers the pleasant moments, raising his spirits. It is not easy to hang frames on the wall, in order to select photo moments and correctly place them on the surface, you need a whole art.

It is necessary to take into account the overall design of the room, only in this case photo panel can be a key accent. In order to decorate beautifully and harmoniously into the interior, you should follow the rules of selection and placement, which can be understood by a thematic review from our editorial board.

A great example of the random placement of photo frames, while respecting the parallel lines

Types of decorative photo frames on the wall

In spite of the fact that many people now store photos on a computer or in a telephone, the placement of pictures in frames retains pleasant memories of certain moments. You can choose unique accessories for decoration, different in material and form, which will become a real decoration of space.

In shape and size of frames

Photo frames are made in any geometric form: round, oval, rectangular or arbitrary shape, for example:

  • in the form of a heart;
  • polygon;
  • in the stylization of a work of art.

The most popular options came from several frames in the form of a collage in the form of a multi-frame, in which more than three photos can be placed. Frames produce under the most common image formats, under the round, oval or arbitrary frames, you should choose a photo of the same size and round the corners yourself. Such products are usually used for portrait shots or images of babies in close-up.

Variety of rectangular formats

By material and style of production

Baguette Frames

How to make original photo frames with additional decoration

Often you want to give the frame some uniqueness, complementing it with the decor, made by hand. For these purposes you can use:

  • rhinestones, beads and sequins;
  • textiles: ribbons, laces, bows.

You can also use a few more ideas for creating unusual photo frames:

  • colored pencils are the perfect decoration for a nursery;
  • as a rim fit lids from glass bottles;
  • You can create multicollage from old egg containers.

It is impossible to list all the ideas, the main thing is to present the final version in the interior, and all ideas will come by themselves.

Master class on making a frame of sticks from ice cream

Modular picture frame on the wall for several photos

In the modular frame, you can insert photos dedicated to one event, for example, a wedding, anniversary or the birth of a child, or make such a panel with your own hands, after painting the composition according to the general design of the premises or varnish it. Instead of a modular item, you can use one large frame for several photos in which to place all the memorable pictures of the family. It is desirable not to place other frames on the wall, the frame should be the only focus on the surface.

In the modular picture frame, you can insert a photo of one subject.

Examples of photo collage on the wall for different rooms

Photos can be placed in any room in a private house or apartment. The main rule: the design style should match the design of the room, in harmony in color and overall perception. You can go a simple way and buy the same frames for the entire panel, in which case they should be placed as tiles over the entire surface of the wall.

This should be known! Designers are not advised to place frames with personal photos on large-sized pieces of furniture, for example, above the sofa. Guests will certainly want to consider them closer, but it is very difficult to do this. As an alternative, you should make photo frames for a collage from several enlarged photos with a small amount of details.

Photo Collage - Love Story

How to choose family photos for photo frames on the living room wall

Photos in the living room can be placed on any surface, the main thing is not to overdo it with their number, but they will look most advantageous:

  • Above the fireplace;
  • above the sofa.

An excellent choice of the theme of the panel will be photos of all generations with the possibility of adding new images. This can be arranged in the form of a family tree, at the base of which to place a photo of the oldest family member or a group picture of all the relatives. Between different-sized frames to start an imitation of branches with leaves.

Family photopanel over the living room sofa

Family photo frames on the bedroom wall

For the bedroom, the theme of the history of dating, love and wedding is suitable, it will charge you with a romantic mood on winter evenings and give a charge of positive energy in the morning. In order for their location to have an attractive appearance, you need to give a picture-collage of photos a touch of seclusion and correctly select the lighting.

All the best moments of the family on one panel

What would be nice to watch a child in the nursery

For children's highlight design will be frames in the form of bright puzzles, fixed in a chaotic manner. An ideal example is in the center of a photo of a baby with the first smile close up, around him are memorable moments of his growing up. In one frame, you can place the impressions of the handle and the trace, the first curl of the child.

Great idea - photo next to a growth meter

How to choose a photo frame for the interior of the corridor

To place a photo in the hallway, it is advisable to use a wall on which you can look at pictures from a distance as well as approaching them for more detailed study.

Arbitrary placement allows you to complement the collection.

How to hang a frame with photos on the wall

After we have decided on the subject and the filling of the photo panel on the wall, we proceed to planning its placement on the surface. If there are a lot of frames, they are fixed in random order, if necessary, you can easily add new pictures, turning the wall into a gallery.

Photos may be accompanied by captions.

How to adjust the space using the photo frames in the interior

There are several techniques to balance the geometry of the room:

  • similarity effect: place frames of the same size on an empty wall, insert the same, at first glance, photos into them, the differences of which are visible only on closer examination. The photo in the picture should increase with distance from the window. This technique can be used if one wall fails relative to another with a high window;
  • to focus on the parallel: even a small number of frames of different sizes neatly placed on the wall, draws attention away from an empty surface, while at the same time not overloading the interior;
  • to increase the height of the ceilings, you can place the frames vertically, for example, on a decorative cord.
The shape in the form of an elongated rectangle visually increases the height

How to choose the height of the middle line for a better perception of the collage of photo frames

For proper placement of images should follow only one rule: the line of the middle of the photos should be at the level of the human eye, about 150 cm from the floor. In addition, if the photos are of different parameters, the composition should start from the bottom with small frames, large ones should be set higher.

Larger frames should be placed higher

How to arrange photo frames on the wall to create a single composition

Fans of designs with photos in the interior can creatively change the style, diluting the design with an interesting arrangement on the walls of photos. One of these options: on a clothesline, pre-painted in a suitable color, attach a photo with decorative pegs. The frames can be changed periodically depending on the mood.

Light photopanel in the interior

Symmetrical design of the wall with photo frames

A great option for placing images is symmetry around a horizontal or vertical axis, while in this case there are also a number of recommendations:

  • if one of the frames is oval, a similar proportion should be placed along the other axis line.
  • visually similar image sizes are placed closer to the axis;
  • large shots are placed closer to the middle.
Options for symmetrical photo layout

Rules for the selection of a central rectangular or round element

If a picture is chosen as a central element in a rectangular or round frame, a photo must be placed around it in a symmetrical manner according to both the vertical and horizontal axes.

Placing photos around the center frame

Examples of collages of photo frames on the wall do it yourself when thinking outside the box

As a beautiful example of a non-standard collage from a family photo, you can offer an interesting option: cut the picture into several parts, for example, 9, and place them on the wall in such a way as to give the impression of the integrity of the picture.

Arbitrary Collage - Family Story

The location of the photo frames on the shelf

Photos in frames can not only be placed on the wall surface, a great solution is to install them on the shelves. And there are many options for the implementation of such ideas:

  • place old pictures in bottles of different sizes - this non-standard solution will be a real highlight of the interior. And also use glasses or vases for this purpose;
  • photo on decorative plates placed on elegant coasters.
Combined placement of white and black frames


Pictures in the interior is a great way to bring additional comfort to the home, make it more comfortable, and at a very reasonable price. It doesn’t matter at the professional level that you do photography or just an amateur. In this case, the important idea is to capture memorable moments and show respect for your family. Do not be afraid to experiment and always remember about additional decoration with your own hands.

Do you use family photos for interior decoration? What idea did you like more? We will welcome your responses in the comments. And at the end we offer to see a master class on decorating photo frames, which can be issued as a gift to loved ones:

And one more video of interesting placement of photos in the interior.

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