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10 professional design ways to change your bedroom beyond recognition


The bedroom is a special place in the house. This room is closed from prying eyes and is a real refuge for the owners of the apartment.

Here you can retire from other family members, relax, stay face to face with your partner, or simply plunge into the realm of Morpheus.

Therefore, the mood and performance of people depends on what the bedroom will be like. In this review, a few ideas on the transformation of the interior of the bedroom.

1. To: empty place with slate-gray walls

Empty and gloomy.

When a person wants to change something in a home design, but at the same time he lives in a rented apartment, you need to make compromises. It was under these conditions that the blogger Medina Grillo from Grillo Designs had to work when she was busy reworking her simple apartment in Birmingham, England. With the exception of repainting the lower half of the walls, no significant changes were made to the room. Since Medina's husband wanted to leave a large double bed in a small bedroom, I had to make this bed a central element of the room.

After: magical transformation

The bedroom has been transformed into a stylish gallery.

Transforming a rather neglected room into a perfectly charming bedroom has become a rather difficult task for Medina. First, she repainted the lower half of the walls from gray to black, and, unlike the previous curve of the color transition line, the artist used a laser tape measure and made a perfectly straight line. Then she put the floor mat in the modernist style of the middle of the last century, which became central, self-focusing, place in the room. The wall was turned into a kind of gallery by placing pictures and memorabilia on it.

2. To: gray and dull

When all is well, but something is missing.

Who would not like the new "makeup" of the bedroom, which can be done in less than one day. Chris and Julia from the popular blog Chris Loves Julia was commissioned to remake the bedroom, which actually looked good, but was small in size. The main problem was that everything had to be done before the end of the day. The gray walls of the bedroom were dull, and the ceiling lights literally merged with the ceiling.

Cozy nest for couples in love.

To do everything quickly and inexpensively, the basic elements, such as carpeting, did not change. Thus, one of the solutions to the problem of "boring" carpet was the addition of a colorful rug, which was placed directly on the carpet. The walls were repainted from gray to pastel.

And the most brilliant solution to the ceiling problem was the installation of a new, lower-placed chandelier. As the light now began to fall on the ceiling from a different angle, the textured ceiling coating began to conceal less light.

3. To: lifeless and "cold"

Well, very cold room.

According to Jenna, the owner of Jenny’s “Wife in Progress” style blog, her bedroom had previously seemed lifeless. Because of the color of the paint, she looked cold and uncomfortable. And most importantly, the bedroom had to be lit.

After: serene lighted space

That's what serenity is.

Now Jenna loves her reformed bedroom. Using a combination of pale gray and white interspersed with gray-brown, she made the room much lighter. Cute pillows decorate the bed, and bamboo shades give the room a warmer, more natural feel.

4. To: a sense of empty canvas

Cold feeling of emptiness.

One of the main themes of the design of the bedroom: add color to it. Mandy, on her Vintage Revivals blog, has described this more than once. Therefore, when her daughter Ivy asked to remake her bedroom, Mandy immediately realized that this simple white “box” with one chest of drawers needed to bring new colors and shades into it.

After: a blast of colors

Bright mood.

Now the walls of the daughter's bedroom are decorated with funny pictures inspired by the theme of the American South-West. The long shelves provide ample storage space for everything the girl would like to flaunt. A swinging hammock chair ensures that Ivy has a place to dream or read a book.

5. To: critical space shortage

When the place is not enough.

When Christie moved from the popular Addicted 2 Decorating lifestyle blog to a new condo, her bedroom was a little attractive. She described it as "old dirty carpet, textured walls with glossy white paint, white metal mini-curtains and popcorn-colored ceilings with old white ceiling fans." And worst of all, there was no place to store things at all.

After: stunning decision

A few small additions that will liven up the bedroom.

Repair and renovation of the interior of a small bedroom. Christie looks like a real miracle. She added storage space by installing two free-standing cabinets adjacent to the bed. A floral headboard, new curtains and a mirror are a few extras that have revived the small bedroom.

6. Till: “tired” and simple

In this bedroom you will not rest.

This bedroom looked seriously worn out and "tired", so it needed a serious change in style. But the budget was extremely limited. Interior designer Brittany Hayes from Addison's home blog Wonderland has managed to completely update this bedroom for minimal money.

After: bright interior

Bright accents in the bedroom.

Is this ultra-inexpensive interior renovation not breathtaking. Brittany made this bedroom as a surprise wedding anniversary for her friends. The bright tapestry of Urban Outfitters "softens" an empty room with high ceilings and provides much-needed color addition. A new blanket, fur rug and wicker basket complement the look.

7. To: small room

A bedroom where only the bed is placed.

Redesigning a small and dark bedroom has become a daunting task for Melissa Michaels from The Inspired Room. And given the fact that she wanted to put a queen-size bed in the room, the task initially seemed simply impossible.

After: a refuge for relaxation

Cozy corner for relaxation.

Just imagine yourself in this bedroom on Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and a good book. This relaxing “haven” of worldly bustle was performed in soothing colors. The traditional style of all furnishings gives the room a sense of calm.

8. Till: time for change

The most trivial bedroom.

It was an unremarkable bedroom, and Kami from the Tidbits lifestyle blog has long wanted to change it. Everything was too stuffy, littered and dark. Therefore, the designer decided to finally decide to turn it into a really great place.

After: timeless design

The bedroom is timeless.

Since there was a giant bay window in this bedroom, its design was easier to remake, since the absence of light was not a problem. However, Kami decided to repaint the dark upper half of her walls. Having made a lot of fantastic shopping at discount stores, she was able to completely remake her room almost for a penny. The result is a "timeless" traditional bedroom.

9. To: too yellow

Too much yellow.

Speaking frankly, the yellow paint is appropriate a lot in any decor, but in this case the used yellow color was not at all soft. The bedroom needed urgent reworking, and Tamara from Provident Home Design knew what to do.

After: quiet space

Sometimes it all solves one shade.

Tamara retained the yellow walls, but made them in a different shade. The old brass chandelier was repainted in a soothing silver color. Draperies were made from ... ordinary sheets. A stylish look just one of the walls, built from scratch from an inexpensive board MDF.

10. Earlier: Deprived

One of many.

This bedroom was essentially a dimly lit "box." There was no taste, no individuality, no interest. At the same time, it was the bedroom of a nine-year-old girl named Riley, who was struggling with brain cancer. Megan from the Balanced Home blog, which has four children, decided that this girl needed to live in a room that would please her and cheer up.

After: just a fairy tale

Welcome to the fairy tale.

After the renovation, the bedroom has been completely transformed into an attractive, charming fairy-tale forest in the "paradise style" for a girl who can dream, relax and play in it. All interior items were donated by Megan, friends and family, as well as companies that Megan hired to work together (Wayfair and The Land of Nod, now Crate & Barrel's Crate & Kids).

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