Useful ideas

How to properly furnish "odnushku" to visually expand the space


It is often so difficult to fit everything you need into one single room, making it as comfortable and cozy as possible.

But instead of despairing, you should pay attention to a number of tips and ideas on the design of a one-room apartment, thanks to which any odnushka will be the most complete and aesthetically beautiful.

1. Modern ideas of planning a one-room apartment

Modern design one-room apartment.

To contain everything you need is the main task that the modern design of a one-room apartment sets for itself.

Do not forget that any design of a one-room apartment depends on how many people live in it, taking into account the age category. If this is a young family with a child, then here, first of all, you need to carefully consider the option of zoning the room to make a nursery. In other cases, you can rely either on your own taste, leaving the room without partitions, or on the advice of designers who offer to use decorative screens or mini-racks, which partially separate the furniture between them.

Remember that. that the interior of a one-room apartment does not form the way of life of the owners, but adapts to it.

Do not forget that the design of a one-room apartment depends largely on the composition of the family.

Choose the style and option that is most suitable for your family.

Practical and modern design studio apartment.

2. Design of a one-room studio apartment

Studio apartment - one of the most common options.

Studio apartments - one of the most common options. Such ideas are suitable for lovers who have just begun to live together, and for couples. Here the main thing is to plan everything so that the situation is as comfortable and cozy as possible, not causing discomfort. To achieve the desired effect, it makes sense to use compact and multifunctional furniture, which not only performs its main role, but also serves as a kind of separator between the kitchen and the living room.

Connecting the kitchen to the room is a great idea for expanding the space.

Studio apartment with a bedroom area.

Modern design studio apartment.

Modern ideas on the arrangement of one-room studio apartments.

3. Design of a bedroom in a one-room apartment

Design bedrooms in a one-room apartment.

Whatever it was, but it is worth remembering that even in a one-room apartment it is necessary to allocate, although a small area for a berth. Choose practical furniture, partition screens, wall cabinets, or niches in which you can place a bed. This will not only save space, but also create an atmosphere of privacy.

Choose light compact and multifunctional furniture.

Use decorative glass partitions.

Also appropriate will be wall-wardrobes that will separate the sleeping area from the main one.

Bed in a one-room apartment.

A sleeping niche is ideal for a one-room apartment.

4. Design of a bathroom in a one-room apartment

The walls, the ceiling and the floor are decorated with tiles of different shades, so that the room does not look shapeless.

Often, bathrooms in one-bedroom apartments do not shine scales, but this is not a reason to despond and despair. It is enough to choose the plumbing, focusing on compact shower cabins and small baths, as well as small but practical closets and shelves where you can place everything you need.

Modern design of a small bathroom in a one-room apartment.

In order not to clutter an already cramped area, it is worth using mobile cabinets and pedestals.

The interior of a small bathroom with an open shower will help to save every square centimeter.