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17 interesting ideas on the organization of space for books in the apartment


Despite the fact that we live in a rapidly changing world and increasingly read books in electronic form, printed literature occupies a special place in our life.

I do not want to part with my favorite publications, even if the area of ​​the apartment is small. How to organize the storage of books and find a place for them in a small interior?

Open Corner Shelves

Idea number one. Open corner shelf for storing books

With a limited floor space you should pay attention to the corners. Their use will make the room more ergonomic and comfortable. Open shelves will not clutter the space. In visual terms, they even expand it, and if you place the shelves to the ceiling, it will visually lift it.

Idea number 2. Corner shelves save space in a small apartment

Idea number 3. A small corner shelf for books

Bookcases under the ceiling

Idea number 4. Bookcases under the ceiling

You can use not only the place in the corners. Often the space under the ceiling remains unattended. But the library is conveniently located in the living room above the sofa, in the hallway above the entrance door or in the bedroom near the bed.

Idea number 5. Keeping books in the bedroom

Books in furniture

It looks quite unusual and interesting furniture, where there is a place to store books. Today you can find ready-made options, and if you wish - to make such interior items with your own hands. For this, old boards will be useful, for example, to make a horizontal partition-partition, which will zone the space and serve to store books. Another original idea is to create an ottoman table.

Idea number 6. Keeping books in a small bedroom

Idea number 7. Storing books in a studio apartment

Idea number 8. Ottoman-table, where it is convenient to store books

Idea number 9. Keeping books in the kitchen

Idea number 10. Keeping books under the stairs

Use window seat

Home library can be arranged right by the window. Around it, place the shelves with books, and on the windowsill itself make a place for reading. Or, if there is no heating radiator under the window-sill, then store books directly under it. True, the window seat for both options should be dry. If the wall is wet or cold in the autumn-winter period, then it is better to refuse such ideas, since books can become damp and spoiled.

Idea number 11. Keeping books under the windowsill

The idea number 12. Storing books by the window

Creative and stylish

In order not only to save space, but also to make the interior original, you can come up with unusual organizers for storing books. For example, sew textile pockets, which are very convenient to put your favorite books. Especially, this idea will appeal to children. For the nursery, you can also make a cute book holder from the same boards.

The idea number 13. Textile organizers for storing books

The idea number 14. Keeping books in the nursery

Stylish look books, folded in a metal or wicker basket. In addition, it is a convenient and mobile option.

Idea number 15. Metal storage basket for books

Books can even play the role of wall decoration, if you make for them beautiful stands of baguettes or old wooden boxes.

The idea number 16. You can use books as decoration

Idea number 17. Old wooden crates can be used to store books.